Hi! I'm Maximilian Hart.

I'm a 3x Certified Salesforce professional who builds and maintains secure, clean, automated Salesforce organizations that make companies more efficient and profitable.

My story

When I was four, I somehow bricked my parents' new beige Apple Mac. It was the start of a lifetime of fiddling and learning!

As an adult with a computer of my own (who doesn't brick them anymore, don't worry), I spent nearly a decade as an educator, and I loved it. Few things are more satisfying than bringing a student to that "aha!" moment with a new skill or idea. It's truly a fulfilling vocation.

But teaching in the small, Catholic schools I felt called to pour myself into wasn't exactly the most lucrative of careers. Along with careful budgeting (on a custom spreadsheet, of course), I did a variety of side gigs to make ends meet. Freelance proofreading, tutoring, copywriting, editing, web design, running Dungeons & Dragons ... you name it, I did it, or at least thought about it. Our faith was always rewarded, though, and we always had exactly everything our little family needed.

Along with my wife and I expecting our third child came a renewed desire to pour myself into one just one career. To focus wholeheartedly on a single passion. To take a new leap of faith into a new career.

And then, in February, I discovered Salesforce.

I've long been That Guy that's made spreadsheets for fun and my own use (I play EVE Online for heaven's sake). The four-year-old inside me saw a powerful and complex platform to fall in love with, to experiment with, to learn, to master. I finally saw a way I could put that long-held passion to work "for real."

And so, I leapt.

I found to my delight that many skills from teaching fit right in to the Salesforce world. Communication and collaboration. Documentation and training end users. Data analysis and attention to detail.

I still had much to learn, of course, so I immersed myself in the platform. In just a few short months I'd earned my first three Salesforce certifications and Trailhead Ranger, along with over two dozen Superbadges.

Today, I'm still learning, still exploring, and still experimenting.

I hope I never stop.