Lifelong Learner Coaching Membership

My “flagship” offering for students and learners of all types!

Essentially it’s a place to get training and advice to develop skills to manage your time and achieve your goals … while also getting support and inspiration from others on the same path to lifelong learning

More details are on the Study Penguin website here.

Good, Old-Fashioned English & Writing Tutoring

I got my start tutoring while attending college in Miami, where I was asked to help fellow students — both ESL and native speakers — improve their writing. Since then, I’ve tutored and taught Literature, Public Speaking and English.

While I can (and do!) teach all aspects of English, my absolute favorite aspect of it to tutor is anything involving writing. Students who struggle with writing are a particular joy to work with; one of the best parts about being a teacher is watching the light bulb go off when students realize that good writing is nothing more than their thoughts on paper, simply and clearly. I love the English language and all its nuances, and I love showing others how amazing it can be and helping them use it to express themselves. My goal with tutoring is to help students learn to do just that.

As for my own education (for those who do their due diligence), I graduated from a local private school with a 4.53 GPA. I was a National Merit Scholar Finalist and scored a 2250 on the SAT. In college, I took nearly 150 credit hours in a variety of disciplines, but focused mainly on philosophy and English. I graduated summa cum laude in December of 2013 from Thomas Edison State University with a degree in English and a cumulative 3.94 GPA. Nowadays, I’m currently working on earning my Master’s degree in Language and Literature with a concentration in Imaginative Literature from Signum University. So while I’m a teacher, I’m a student, too, and can still identify with many of the struggles of student life.

I’m easy to reach — feel free to contact me with any questions or to schedule a lesson!

Professional Proofreading

Before I became a teacher, I spent nearly a year working at an ad agency as a proofreader. I read and proofed copy, billboards, emails — you name it! — for clients like McDonald’s, Hertz, Transitions Optical, and more.

Nowadays, I particularly focus on things I love reading anyway, especially in the RPG and gaming genres. Ultimately, if you have something that needs proofreading, I can absolutely do it.

Drop me a line over on the contact page, and tell me a little more about what it is you’re looking for. I look forward to working with you soon!