I’m Maximilian Hart – teacher, tutor, content creator … I’ve worn quite a few hats (even worked as a janitor in a middle school)!

I graduated from college summa cum laude in 2013 with my BA in English (if you’re interested in more academic stuff, you can see all those credentials here). I’ve loved writing since I was a child, and so studying English seemed to be a natural progression. I’ve had my fair share of folks tell me that it’s a useless degree, but I have no regrets! I became a better writer and fell even more in love with the English language because of it.

While in college, I tutored my fellow students in English, and continued tutoring and teaching after graduating. Turns out I love teaching, too, and somehow always end up teaching in whatever I get into. I’ve even written guides for games I enjoy! My passions for English and teaching ended up merging, and I now teach high school English at a Catholic high school in St. Petersburg, FL.

But the learning isn’t over!

In 2016, I started classes at Signum University to earn my Master’s degree. It’ll take me about three years to complete the process, fitting one class at a time into an already-busy schedule. But since I’m studying things I love (I’ll be getting my M.A. in Language and Literature with a concentration in Imaginative Literature) with some truly incredible professors, I can’t complain!

All throughout the entire bit above up there, I’ve been writing. Like I said, I’ve always enjoyed it, and it seemed natural to put the skill to work for me and my family.

Which leads me to the most important part: these two beautiful people.

My wonderful little family!

The dog is just out of frame, but she never holds still for a photo long enough anyway.

If there’s anything I can do to help you out — tutoring, writing, or proofreading — get in touch and let me know!